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The collections in our watches shop are represented by the world’s leaders of watch industry – Swiss companies, which were acknowledged to be the best among the best. Watches are a national pride of Switzerland, their reliability has gained world recognition by right and it can be compared only with the reliability of Swiss banks. Implemented in the watches unique patented inventions, constant work on the improvement of one would think without it perfect mechanisms, a wide spectrum of designers’ solutions allow stating that Swiss watch brands are not only a symbol of status, magnificence and luxury, but also a reliable tool even in the most extreme conditions. When quality is the affair of honor and masters work over the details with a maximal tolerance up to thousand millimeters splits, as a result the watch (it is about Omega brand) is recognized to be an obligatory part of the cosmonauts’ outfits recommended by NASA for the flights to the ISS. People wearing Swiss Rolex watches dive to the bottom of Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean (about 11,000 meters), go up the Everest (8,848 meters), take part in the most prestigious competitions. Besides watch manufacturers organize complex exams for them too: mechanisms undergo incredible changes of pressure, temperature, they are checked for resistance to water and mechanic damages and finish all these tests as winners.


People, who have chosen top watch brands, know that they are guaranteed to receive the highest quality and prestige for the suggested cost. That is why brand watch manufacturers widely use innovative technologies. For example, they install revolutionary mechanisms such as a coaxial descent recently developed and implemented in Omega collections – a real discovery in the contemporary watch mechanics, which allows greatly improving the constancy of operation accuracy, incredibly decrease the number of applications for watch service.


For those ones, whose job or hobby is connected with constant travels, wrist watches offer a function of dual time performed in many ways: with the help of additional central hand, marking on the bezel, showing time of the second time belt on the separate dial or using a moving element in the dial construction. For sports lovers we offer split-chronographs with flyback function, which demonstrates intermediate results as well as fixes results of several participants of the competition at the same time; for aviators there are watches with a perfectly readable dial, resistance to vibrations, rapid changes of temperature, pressure and even with a left-side control lever of functions.


You should not forget about one more not less important function of the watches: luxurious watch brands have a huge aesthetic value and elite products of the best masters can be called the masterpieces of decorative art by right. We offer you watches, where ancient techniques of engraving, guilloche, enameling were revived and innovative treatment technologies of precious stones were developed. Diamonds serve not only as hour marks or bezel adornment, but they also make an impression of a smile on the bridges of flying tourbillion, burst with flashes on the moving dials, shine on the picture of night sky depicting Moon phases. Investing in luxurious watch brands you spend money, which will definitely bring profit in future. It is widely known that punctuality is the politeness of princes. Every person, who will buy a watch in our watch shop Granadis , will feel a crowned head too.