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Regards from old Perrelet: new Perrelet Turbine watches with a 250 year history

In the distant 18th century scientific discoveries of whom were paving way to the modern achievements. And a very young Abraham Louis Perrelet, a son of the poor carpenter from Swiss Le Locle was dreaming of creating watches that will work if not perpetually then at least for a long time without a customary winding with a key which used to disappear somewhere very often in the middle of the 18th century. Long years of painstaking labor have given results that influenced the further development of watchmaking in the whole world: in 1777 he not only founded the oldest Swiss watch brand Perrelet but also created watches with automatic winding.

Revived  in modern days by Flavio Audemars Perrelet company flourishes much due to the old discovery of his founder. The extremely aesthetic effect of a popular Turbine collection is based on the developed by old Perrelet device that receives energy from outside oscillations. And a new 2016 year was met by Perrelet brand with a premiere of this collection. Having used coincidence (there are 12 blades in the turbine and 12 animals represented in the Chinese horoscope) the masters, who have created Perrelet watches, have placed an elegantly engraved image of the animal on each of blades. As 2016 year is considered to be a year of the Fiery Monkey, its attractive silhouette is marked on 6 o’clock with a bright red color. There is a hieroglyph of the same color under it, on the synchronized lower rotor. The word ‘monkey’ stands for it in the Chinese language. The theme of a red color is supported with a thin long second hand and a wording “Double rotor”. To create a maximal effect and a beautiful contrast the dial, a steel case, hour and minute hands have a deep black shade. The most interesting thing begins when you put on a Perrelet Turbine Monkey watch on the wrist. When turbines rotate actively the hieroglyph, which has been badly distinguished in the depth of the dial before, is distinctly emphasized with a bright red color in the black background reminding of the Year of the Monkey – a pretty, faithful, sincere one according to the Chinese horoscope.

Perrelet brand has brought a marvelous novelty to the last World Watch exposition in Switzerland – first a renowned Turbine collection has received watches with the function of the second time belt indication to integrate which watch masters have been working for more than a year. Luxurious men watches Perrelet Turbine Gmt are not only functional but also beautiful. The model is in the gray steel case with a bright blue bezel and rotating blades of the same color and there is a version from steel covered with PVD, due to this fact the case has acquired an intensive black color, they look stylish, sportive and modern. And Perrelet brand has prepared another surprise: a world map depicted in the complex old technique “Geneva waves” can be seen under ten blades at the time they actively rotate. There is a mechanism produced on the own manufacture in the 44 mm case. An oscillator is designed in the way that it does not go out of the case surface, apart from that it is also universal: you can correct work not only of the hour hand with its help but also hands that demonstrate time of the second time belt.

So, due to the discovery of Abraham Louis Perrelet the brand named after him makes people happy today with Perrelet Turbine Pilot watches, which have united the inventions of the genial master and modern technologies.