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Perrelet watches: a double rotor demonstrates new capacities

A bit more than 250 years have passed since the time when a young farmer and a home-raised watchmaker in addition to other duties Abraham Louis Perrelet was approaching to his great discovery step by step in a small Swiss Le Locle. He has founded Perrelet brand and created a variety of tools, devices, several examples of release mechanisms which are used today as well, what else is needed so that Perrelet company and its creator were honored in the history of the watch industry. But the main one was ahead - a great master has finally found a solution how it is possible to save and even increase the initial energy received by the mechanism after long years of searches. A system of automatic winding which makes modern Perrelet watches famous today and is used by masters, who create mechanic watches, was invented in such a way.

Years have passed and Perrelet brand celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of its collections already the models of which use the oscillating principle not only for a practical but also for an aesthetic objective. A sign Perrelet First Class collection uses a system of the double rotor based on the invention of Mr. Perrelet. Magnificent aristocratic Perrelet First Class Double Rotor Sceleton 20 Years watch will be appreciated by the most demanding experts of the watch art.

A partially skeletonized dial that gives an opportunity to see a renowned double rotor in all its beauty - with a “Geneva waved” guilloche, a wording “20 years double rotor” on its golden skeletonized surface that does not interfere with the view of the perfect treatment of mechanism details, looks original.  Perrelet watches for men have given place for a bearing from a big ruby in the central part due to which the connection of rotors takes place. They start work simultaneously and act synchronically: with an energetic hand movement they rotate to one side and with the moderate one in both ones. Two versions of the novelty differ only in the material they are made from - one of them was released in the golden case and the second one - in a steel one. The case is adorned with renowned cannelures that make Perrelet watches unsurpassed and recognizable.

This year in June the companies-manufacturers of the elite watches have been invited to Las Vegas JCK salon. Naturally, Perrelet brand was the desired guest there. Together with a famous American actor Sung Kang (movies “The Shield”, “Fast&Furious”, series “New York Police”, “CSI: Miami”) it represented its last product - a Perrelet watch for sport car drivers. A cult Turbine collection has demonstrated new technical and aesthetic capacities of the brand. They are implemented in Perrelet Turbine Sung Kang watch where the Arabic numeral 12 is displaced to a 2 o’clock position for driver’s comfort - as a result, the cuff of the shirt or sleeve does not interfere with the possibility to see the exact time. When the blades start rotating they open a perfectly readable dial with minute indication located at the bottom. A steel case has become bright black due to PVD cover. The oscillator is not seen over the case edges and it prevents from the occasional intrusion in the work of the mechanism. It can be easily stretched out due to a special clip that is carefully placed into the hole in the case.

New men Perrelet watches were released in the quantity of 350 exemplars. Due to an exclusive design, perfect readability of the dial, excellent technical characteristics Perrelet Turbine Sung Kang watches will quickly find their owners.