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Cartier: stories and legends about legendary watches with history

Nobody will argue with the fact that Cartier company hires the most talented masters, who not only create unique watches but also can name collections creatively. There is an interesting story opening charm and extraordinary philosophy of the brand behind each name. Since a renowned French Cartier house released in 1906 its first wrist watches decorated with precious stones, its products have become incredibly popular with the elite all over the world. For example, Marrakesh pasha ordered a golden watch for swimming in the pool on a daily basis. It is natural that Cartier brand has fulfilled his order and Pasha de Cartier collection where watches are not always decorated with diamonds, but a stably produced from precious metals has appeared. And hands in the form of swords also remind about the first watches of the collection connected with pasha.

Cartier Crash collection that accidentally has acquired fashion style also has its history. Nobody remembers already how watches transported by the manager of London department of the brand looked initially, but it happened that a case of the watch was damaged in the car accident. The others would surrender in this case, but company designers looking at a completely warped and curved case decided to release new Cartier watches for women – unusual, eye-catching, remarkable, fashionable in one word. It is the way how Cartier Crash collection that is translated as “crash” was born. What an excellent “crash” it is! It was appreciated by ladies so much that since the time of its release in 1991 it has annually been renewed and as soon as it appears on sale it immediately disappears materializing on thin women’s wrists.

2016 has not become an exception too. Only recently released Cartier Crash Skeleton in Pink Gold watch has become a real hit at the exposition Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. There are cut Roman numerals on the basis of a skeletonized golden dial, there are small polished hands in the center, all this stylish composition is protected by a mineral glass and the work of the mechanism can be followed through the sapphire glass on the back side of the case. Engineers have successfully coped with the task to locate a manufacture caliber from 138 details including two winding drums that guarantee 72 hours of power reserve. It was also given a curved form of the case.

There are also cult Cartier watches the creation history of which is legendary. It is the most prominent Cartier Tank collection that soon will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Meant as men ones these watches were also appreciated by women, they were worn by Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and the personification of beauty and femininity of France – Katrin Deneuve. And their legend is the following one. It was World War I. Louis Cartier, a grandson of the brand founder, was following the route of tanks heading for the front from the balcony. This view from the top inspired him for the creation of a new model that has become a prototype of the future collection. The French state that to commemorate World War I on their motherland there was a monument erected under the Triumphal Arch and new Cartier watches invented – an example of the perfect watches with rectangular form.

Legends are composed about the most famous people and events, favorite creations of human hands. Time will pass and many stories and legends will definitely appear about the way how newly invented Cartier watches were created.